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Unemployment Benefits – eligibility and requirements for applying

In the U.S., unemployment compensation (UC) is the financial aid for workers who have lost the job by no fault of their own. In case you have lost your job, you may be eligible to apply for receiving UC, and what you need to do is get informed and follow certain steps and tips before you file the application.

As the first step before filling in the form and applying for UC, it is important to know whether or not you are eligible for it. Eligibility includes several aspects – financial, beneficial and maintenance, all of which you should explore in order to check whether you fit in. Financial eligibility involves checking whether the jobs and services you have performed are covered employment, since, for example, self-employment jobs and services are not covered by the term.

When it comes to benefit eligibility, it includes estimating the fault for the loss of your job. You need to collect the information and documents from the former employer in order to prove that losing the job was not your fault, because if it was, it means that you are not eligible for UC. Maintaining eligibility is the third phase in the process, and it requires taking a series of tests from week to week. Finding out which benefits you’re entitled to in the UK is easy with this calculator.

Job seekers line up for a job fair outside the Akron Urban League Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011, in Akron, Ohio. The number of people applying for unemployment benefits last week jumped to the highest level in three months, a sign that layoffs could be increasing. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

For example, you may be required to accept a certain work, without the permission to refuse it without good reason. Additionally, you will be required to apply for employment-search services over the 30-days period after you have lost the job.

In case you find that you are eligible for receiving UC, you can file a claim to your local Department of Labor and Industry. Before doing so, you need to make sure to collect all the documents needed, the list of which you can find on the website of the Department of Labor and Industry. Additionally, you will need a proof that you have previously been employed as well as proofs of the reason for job dismissal. The requirements and the necessary documents are regulated on the federal level, but every state has its set of modifications and additional requirements, so make sure to get informed on the requirements you need to meet in your home state.


Once the application has been approved, you are entitled to receiving UC for one year starting from the date of the application approval. The funds are usually received via credit or debit card or direct deposit, while paper checks are not an option.

While you are receiving UC, you need to meet some more requirements prescribed by the Government. Aside from being registered for job search services, you need to keep track of your job search progress and you need to report all the earnings you may have made from additional work. You need to actively search for a job, and in most cases you are not allowed to refuse a job offered by the provider of these services, unless there is a solid reason. All of this may seem demanding, but since the period of receiving UC is quite limited, it is in your best interest to find a new job and become self-sufficient again. For more information feel free to check out the official Gov website.

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